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About the Practitioner

Thomas Heung

BS/BS(Biology/Medical Technology); Microbiology Specialist (Tenn); MBA (U Maryland College Park); National Certified Massage Therapist (NCBTMB); Certified Massage Therapist (Va);  Certified Medical Massage Practitioner(LMT Success Group)

My Background

I am a clinical microbiologist by training and have practiced clinical microbiology in a laboratory setting for more than 15 years. I held supervisory and department head positions. I also worked in the banking industry at executive levels with renown American and Swiss international banks in Asia for more than 15 years.  I acquired massage licensing in the State of Virginia 2 years ago and is now practising in Northern Virginia and Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and loving it.

My Practice

My practice is small, private and very individual. I focused on wellness and medical massage where I hope to promote health and quality of life by helping clients manage their stress and physical sore spots and provide pain management and quicker healing process for those who have gone through medical procedures or unfortunately suffered from an accident.

My clients come to me mainly via referrals. Except for this website I do not advertise in mass media or Internet classified sites. On occasions, I donate my services to schools and non-profit organizations to support their effort to raise funds and for me to do some good deeds and gain exposures.

Why I Do What I Do

As said, I became a massage therapist after a long career in medical science and banking,  Then, what makes you do this? you may ask.

It all began when I started to think more seriously about what I would like to do next or when I retired but still young, strong and capable (smiling!).  I do have hobbies such as reading, cooking, listening to music, singing, social dancing, watching sports on TV, horseback riding, playing a game of tennis or golf, etc., but I really wanted to do something that is meaningful or helpful to other people.  The idea came as I often saw family members and friends endure pain beyond pills could manage.  Some of them were achievers with very successful career but paying physical and mental toll for working so hard, frequently coming home totally stressed and exhausted.  I thought may be I could learn some skills that could help people deal with that and that would be a wonderful goal for me to spend the rest of my life to achieve. 

My Philosophy

My philosophy in my practice is simple.  I charge very reasonably so my clients are not overly burdened by financial concerns. I give substantial discounts for repeated booking of five or more sessions to encourage clients to commit to their uninterrupted massage so you can enjoy maximum cumulative benefit.


I give full minutes for every session.  My 60-minute massage session means you will receive 60 minutes actual massage on the chair or table not including consultation or preparation. In addition, if it happens that it takes longer for me to finish because of unexpected sore spots discovered, I usually complete the session without extra charge and will not stop because the bell just rang. I would also ask your permission first if I really need paid additional time to work on your newly discovered discomfort. Either way, the session will always end with you feeling complete and satisfied.

Depending on individual needs, I use a unique combination of Western and Eastern body work techniques including, Swedish, Medical Massage, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Tui Na, Chi-gong, Eastern Meditation and Western Aromatherapy to achieve the best result.  Just like in music, if the player has his/her heart in it, listeners will resonate with his/her passion and feelings through every note. My heart is in it solely for your benefit and I'm sure that you will feel my magnetic healing touches and energy every time. 



FEIN: 36-4716928

National Certification:NCBTMB:600672-10

Certified Massage Therapist, Va: 0019009719

Insurance Policy: API-ABMP-12

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