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Services and Rates


Investing in massage is an

investment in your health.

Note:  These are regular rates but for special and unusual situations, needy individuals or families may receive reduced rates. Please  discuss your situation when making an appointment.

Medical Massage/Deep Tissue                                           

It is a full body table massage in which specific massage techniques and body movements are used to focus on stress and pain management. The strokes and pressures will be more symptoms specific in order to distress, reduce pain and promote healing. A medical massage referred by a physician will be carried out according to the prescription and billed as medical treatment and may be covered by medical insurance.

Minutes               Rate($)

  60                       75

  90                      100                                                                     

 120                      125     


Prenatal/Postnatal (Pragnancy Massage)

Regardless of individual circumstances, a pregnant worman's body is challenged, changed and stressed in many ways. Throughout her pregnancy, an expectant mother watches her body change and experiences new aches and pains with each passing month. Benefits of Pregnancy Massage include: Relieving fatigue; Reducing headaches and muscular discomforts such as spasms, leg cramps, and stiffness; Keeping skin supple to help prevent stretch marks; Assisting muscles in preparation for labor and delivery; Relieving pain associated with pressure on the sciatic nerve; Reducing insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression; Reducing postpartum stress and depression.

Minutes               Rates($)

   30                      45

   45                      60

    60                      75

(massage longer than 60 minutes may not be recommended)

Infant Massage

Infant Massage may commence as early as the baby reaches 3 month old. The benefits of infant massage are well documented. These include: Relieve discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, and colic; Promote digestion by activating the relaxation response; Stimulate the nervous system through the stimulation of the skin while speeding myelination of the nerves and enhancing neurological development; Increase blood flow, ensuring that oxygen and nutrients reach the infant's cell and tissues; Slow and deepen respiration rate; Improve muscle tone through activation of sensory and motor neurons; Encourage mid-line orientation and sensory awareness after tactile stimulation; Increase vocalization, thereby assisting in speech and language development; Promote deeper and longer sleep for the baby.

Minutes               Rate($)

   15                     30

    30                     45

    45                     60

(massage longer than 45 minutes may not be recommended)


Swedish Massage   

It is a full body table massage. A Swedish massage is generally for relaxation and promotion of overall well being. The pressure, strokes and movements are usually light, gentle and soft.  Demand on the therapist is usually lighter.

 Minutes              Rate($)

  60                     70                                                                               

  90                     95                                                                               

  120                   120 


Other Non-full Body Massages

These sessions are usually related to healing, correctional and/or pain management by using Medical Massage techniques. 

1) Face, Ear & Head Massage

2) Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage

3) Upper Arms & Hands Massage

Minutes             Rates($)

   30                   45

   45                   60

   60                   75



Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for more detailed information on Reflexology.

Minutes             Rates($)

   30                    45

   45                    55

   60                    65

Out calls (where we come to your work place or home) within 20 miles of zip 20147 or 22664 can be arranged  with at least 72 hours prescheduled by phone. An additional travel fee (for gas and time) of $20 will be charged for within 10 miles or $30 beyond 10 miles but within 20 miles of the Zips.

Where when not specified above, $15 will be charged for each additional 10 minutes.                                                                          

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